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We want to deliver to our clients the best experience that goes beyond the 2D flat screen. Virtual Reality is the new frontier.

It's a VR puzzle game. You are in space station back to a stable condition whilst under pressure.

This is a previsualization of short film called "Mates". 3D previsualization would be more helpful rather than just a story board.

Our Creators

Richard Luu

XR Sound Designer

Richard Luu has been working on diverse of sound creative industries and he was nominated as a Best Overall Sound Designer in Ozark Mountain Webfest in US.

Masayoshi Ishii

XR Creative Director

Masayoshi Ishii has been working in the visual media industry for multiple production companies, the latest being Sony Music Entertainment as Director/Director of Photography/Editor. His outstanding narrative and visual ideas are now progressed to XR field.

Davide Riccitiello

XR Software Developer

Davide Riccitiello has been developing several game apps, published on the Store a Hololens application, one Augmented Reality app using WPF, and a mobile app on the PlayStore. Partecipated to a Unity Contest winning the selection for the community reel position on the Unity blog.

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